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Fareeha Ahmed explains how inner peace can be achieved and why is it important for us in the times of today.


It is high time we understand that inner peace can never be attained through materialistic means like wealth, worldly fame and deep indulgence in worldly desires. True inner peace is liberating the mind from negative thoughts and worry, it is about being calm and happy and most importantly its about connecting with a Supreme Being who can flourish your spirituality and peace of mind.

This COVID-19 pandemic is an excellent example which epitomises that true inner peace is not always linked with: going out all the time, working all the time or participating in meaningless and aimless activities all the time. Rather, it is about looking into oneself subjectively and fulfilling one’s mental and spiritual needs, like; a positive and pure environment, good company and development of habits that deliver peace and happiness to you. It is these needs being fulfilled that will fully allow inner peace.

This concept of inner peace is very closely linked to one’s spiritual state, meaning that if a person has firm faith on an All-Powerful Being for constant guidance and help then that person is most likely to find true inner peace. In Islam, one of the attributes of God Almighty is ‘The Source of Peace’, which explicitly highlights that it is that Supreme Being that can grant true and eternal inner peace, which cannot be genuinely acquired through worldly relationships.

Furthermore, an ordinary person spends their day doing some sort of demanding work, both mentally and physically, be it studying for exams and tests or completing tasks for your job. This also increases unwanted stress and anxiety levels, parallelly decreasing the sense of Inner peace. Hence, one must also take time away from such daily activities, even if only for an hour, to calm one’s mind down and reclaim Inner peace. This may differ from person to person, some people may relax by listening to music, drawing or painting, watching a movie or sleeping. While these may work to some extent in restoring one’s inner peace, the most effective way of rebuilding Inner peace is through meditation. For me personally, the best form of meditation that I do 5 times a day is Praying to God Almighty.

When one performs the salat (Prayer) in Islam they execute various positions and postures that are scientifically proven to be the best poses in terms of meditating. This includes, but is not limited to, prostrating before God Almighty, constantly getting down and getting back up as well as various movements of the arms and legs, which are all practical exercises to enhance your physical health and peace. Another excellent aspect of Praying as a way of meditating is that one builds that essential connection with a Supreme Being and is able to pray to Him addressing all their troubles and hardships, reducing their stress and anxiety of Worldly activities and thus, advancing not only in Inner Peace but also in spirituality.

Thus, in order to live a happy, healthy and prosperous life true Inner Peace is of the utmost importance. It is also crucial to remember that Inner Peace is not some physical thing that can be acquired through worldly means like wealth and fame, rather, true Inner Peace is very closely connected to one’s moral and spiritual state and can be successfully achieved through a connection with the Supreme Being.