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“Surely, only those who follow the Book of Allah and observe Prayer and spend out of what We have provided for them, secretly and openly, hope for a bargain which will never fail.”

Holy Quran 35:30

Zakat FAQs

Purpose & Importance of Zaka’at

Reporting Guidelines

For the easement of members, updated report forms and report guidelines will be sent to all Majalis and Regional Presidents.

Until then, please continue to use the previous forms. National Secretary Finances will forward these forms, assessment criteria and other instruction via email. In the meantime the work of this department is to ensure and remind members to:

  • Be aware of the various forms of financial sacrifices and chanda jaat- especially Zakat
  • Personally be aware of their chanda , even if their husbands/fathers pay on their behalf
  • Be upto date in the chanda for working and non-working members
  • Instill in members the importance of financial sacrifices
  • Majlis Secretaries should read “An Introduction to Financial Sacrifice”