Industry and Handicrafts

This program is divided into several parts:

  • Individual Competitions on National Ijtema
  • Meena Bazaar Rules
  • Rules for stalls on other occasions
  • Annual Exhibition Competitions at Jalsa Salana Australia
  • Classes, New Skills and ‘Ahmadiyya Business Women of the Year’ Award

Lajna Competitions

1 Lajna member can only take part in 1 category

1 item from each category will be selected at regional level to represent at National Level

Category Knitting  Sewing Craft Crochet
Lajna Lvl 1 (over 25 years)

Make a Poncho for a 3-5 year old girl. May use buttons or ribbon for fastenings. No other embellishment allowed.

Make a patch work table runner using the patchwork technique. No other embellishment allowed

Make a set of 2-3 kitchen display canisters by recycling medium/large coffee Jars. Can use any materials to decorate.

Make a piping border around a dupatta or large scarf.

Lajna Lvl 2 (under 25 years)

Make a pair of baby booties. May use buttons and ribbon as fastenings. No other embellishment allowed.

Make a baby Play mat. Use appropriate material, colours and stimulation. Be careful of choking hazards.

Decorate a plain cup and saucer using porcelain paints only.

Make a bookmark 

Nasirat Competitions

For Nasirat 1st and 2nd position from each Region will be selected to represent at National Level

Nasirat Group 1 (13-14 yrs) TBA
Nasirat Group 2 (10-12 yrs)  
Nasirat Group 3 (7-9 yrs)  
Ijtema Competition Rules

In all these competitions, the item must have been made within this year, following all the instructions provided

  • It should be made wholly by the competitor
  • A step by step photo and details (no more than a single A4 page) should be attached to the competition item. If this is not included such items will be disqualified. The photo should be of the completed item.
  • If the final item differs from the final submitted photo it will be disqualified
  • The names & pictures of the selected items should be sent 2 weeks before National Ijtema. If the name along with the completed picture of the selected item is not received by the appointed time- then such items will not be included in the Ijtema competition.
  • Only 1 item per member is allowed, in a competition.
  • Judgment of all the items should be conducted at Regional level. The first three positions should be awarded at the Regional Ijtema/ or Regional meeting
  • During the judgement the Regional Presidents, Majalis Presidents, Majalis Sanato Dastkari secretaries must be present and finalist announced in their presence
  • It is not the duty of Majalis Secretary Nasirat select items for sanato dastkari
  • The Sanat o Dastkari team has the right and authority to remove such items from the competition which do not fulfil the rules set, even if such items were selected from their region for national level.

Judges will look for the following:

  • Uniqueness or utilization of a great idea
  • Creativity
  • Complexity of the design
  • Colour combination
  • Neatness in the item
  • Step by step method and completed photo included and final product not different
  • weather the item seems to be made by the member themselves and is not readymade etc
  • Completeness of item. Incomplete items will be disqualified
  • How much work is done by hand
  • Overall appearance & attraction of the final product