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Majalis in Queensland

Logan East
Logan West
Gold Coast

Our History

Lajna Imaillah Queensland is the auxiliary organization of Ahmadi Muslim Women in Queensland State and was established in 1995 in Brisbane. Mrs. Mansoora Solangi was appointed President at the time and the strength of the body was 5. Mrs. Zameela Maqbool was later elected as the President and served for four years. Consecutively after that, Mrs Abida Chaudhry and Mrs Amatul Mateen have represented the women’s auxiliary in Queensland as Presidents. At present, the Ahmadiyya Muslim Women’s auxiliary of Queensland is represented by Mrs Nuzhat Ayesha (2015 – current) in the capacity of Regional President.

The Queensland Ja’amat (community) is divided into three Majlis (community sections) to accommodate the needs and requirements of the community.

· Majlis Brisbane North is represented by Mrs Zubeda Zia (2015-current).

· Majlis Brisbane South was represented by Mrs Amatul Hayi (Feb 2015-Oct 2016), and at present by Mrs Eram Chaudhry (2016 – current).

· Majlis Logan was represented by Mrs Amatul Shakoor Sahiba (2015-2016) and at present by Mrs Abida Anjum Sahiba (2016-current).

· Majlis Gold Coast has now also been newly formed and is represented by Mrs Maryam Aleem Sahiba (April 2017 – current).


By the Grace of Almighty Allah, the women’s auxiliary of Queensland actively partakes in many religious, secular and community events throughout the year. The table below illustrates regular annual activities for the region.

Lajna Ijtema Lajna Sports Days Australia Day Celebrations
Nasirat Ijtema Lajna Academic workshops Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea for Cancer Council
Meena Bazaar Arts & Crafts workshops Red Cross Fundraisers and Donations
Tabligh and Outreach workshops Nursing and Aged Home visits Community Fundraisers

Besides these activities, weekly Children’s Tarbiyyat classes and are also conducted and the women also participate in weekly Ja’amat activities such as Tableegh and Tarbiyyat classes held by Imam Ahmad Nadeem Sahib. Monthly Ijlas are also conducted separately within each Halqa of the individual Majalis.