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1. The Majlis’ Secretary Tajneed must completely understand the importance of Tajneed and keeping it

2. The Majlis’ Secretary Tajneed should ensure that any circulars or messages that are shared within the
Departments WhatsApp Group are shared with each member.

3. The Majlis’ Secretary Tajneed should ensure that the points given below are shared with Majlis
members at least once in a year. This can be done through short presentations, speeches, or
question/answer sessions.


All the information that is requested and recorded by the Tajneed Department is important as it allows:

• the Markaz to share important information about Huzoor’s instructions, events, campaigns etc. with members

• Local and National offices to plan and register for events like meetings, Jalsa, Ijtema, Tarbiyyati/Tablighi camps etc. based on more accurate information (this includes planning for various aspects of such events such as location, food, facilities etc)

• Finance Secretaries to create an accurate budget for the upcoming years, which helps the Markaz plan for various projects and services

• Members to pay their chanda and get it properly recorded and accounted for

Therefore, members should contact their Majlis’ Secretary Tajneed to ensure that the details the department has, are accurate and up to date, especially if their essential details such as phone number or home address has recently changed.




A Jamaat Identification Number (ID) is given to each individual registered as a member of the Jamaat. This ID is necessary for Chanda payments and assists in maintaining a proper and updated record of such payments.

The Jamaat ID also allows for swift identification and registration of individuals at events like Jalsa Salana and Ijtema. The proper registrations of individuals at such events is necessary to maintain security and safety of all attendees and the premises. It is also necessary in providing departments of food and other facilities with an accurate number of attendees, ensuring the smooth running of an event.

It is imperative that each member bring their ID card with them when attending any national event such as National Ijtema or Jalsa Salana. It is also necessary that each member when arriving (for the first time) each day, presents her ID card to the registration marquee and has herself registered as an attendee.



When moving houses results in a change of the Majlis, it is the responsibility of the moving member to contact the new Majlis President or the Majlis’ Tajneed Secretary and inform of her move and new details. The moving member should also inform her old Majlis’ President or Majlis’ Tajneed Secretary of her move.

Lajna Imaillah protects the confidentiality of its members by ensuring that details such as addresses, date of births etc. are only accessible to the National Tajneed team. Certain details such as phone numbers are only shared with office holders if extremely necessary and justified. For all other purposes, only the total number of members in a certain Halqa/Majalis/Region/Auxiliary is shared.