“Our experience shows that various diets adefinitely affect the faculties of mind and soul” – Promised Messiah, Hadhrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (Peace be upon him)


This year Majalis should also make teams, for badminton, cricket and volley ball which will then have competitions throughout the year with other Majalis. At least 1 physical activity/sports session should be held in respective majlis in each quarter by these team Majalis competitions


Healthy lifestyle [Explain what it is and its benefits, How it can be achieved, How it can be maintained]

Natural home remedies for good health

Healthy eating

[What is healthy eating and what is unhealthy eating, How to form healthy eating habits, Share and demonstrate healthy recipes]


Islam’s viewpoint on health [What is stated in the Holy Quran about health, What Hadith and Sunnah say in regards to health]

Western medicine versus natural medicine (homeopathic, naturopathic etc)

Encourage and involve members to play sports and workouts (some suggestions include, cricket, badminton, soccer, swimming, walking group, yoga etc)


Stretching and its benefits [Share and demonstrate some basic stretches]

Yoga and its benefits [Share and demonstrate some moves for beginners]

Start preparations for annual SPORTS DAY (inform members and encourage them to get involved)

Refresh members knowledge on First Aid

Refresh members Knowledge on dangerous bites and how to respond to them

Refresh members knowledge on fire safety

Refresh members knowledge on hygiene


Start preparations and practice for National Ijtema sports

Mental health awareness [Give and explanation on what mental health is and its importance, mShare techniques to reduce stress and mental fatigue, Inform members on mental health disorders (for example: depression, its signs and symptoms, how and where to seek help etc)]

Breast cancer awareness [Focus on detection, prevention and methodologies towards treatment]