• To ensure Lajna produces quality publications on time, such as the quarterly newsletter, children’s biannual magazine “Al-Meezaan” and the annual magazine “Ad-Duha”
  • To publicize regular and special Lajna events and activities through published announcements prior to the event and after the event through reports
  • To publish workbooks & booklets that can be used by Lajna and Nasirat
  • To assist as support group to other Lajna offices when a publication is needed for their office
  • To distribute Lajna publications to non-Jama’at institutes (universities, colleges, libraries)
  • To increase distribution of literature among Lajna & Nasirat membership
  • To publish new publications as needed and to publish revised books/pamphlets
  • To communicate in media the positive image of Islam, replying to objections and accusations against Islam and denouncing immoral and bad acts in name of Islam