“…Think of the preparations that the opponents of Islam are now making. They are not lining up the armies. They are publishing magazines and books. We also should, therefore, pick up our pen and answer their attacks with magazines and books…”

(Hadhrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmed(as), Malfoozat Vol. 8, pg. 20)
  • To ensure Lajna produces quality publications on time, such as the quarterly newsletter, children’s biannual magazine “Al-Meezaan” and the annual magazine “Ad-Duha”
  • To publicize regular and special Lajna events and activities through published announcements prior to the event and after the event through reports
  • To publish workbooks & booklets that can be used by Lajna and Nasirat
  • To assist as support group to other Lajna offices when a publication is needed for their office
  • To distribute Lajna publications to non-Jama’at institutes (universities, colleges, libraries)
  • To increase distribution of literature among Lajna & Nasirat membership
  • To publish new publications as needed and to publish revised books/pamphlets
  • To communicate in media the positive image of Islam, replying to objections and accusations against Islam and denouncing immoral and bad acts in name of Islam