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New South Wales – Baitul Huda

Majalis in BaitulHuda

Marsden Park

Our History

Lajna Imaillah Australia was slowly established in Sydney with the arrival of a few families from Pakistan and Fiji, during the late 1970’s. In the early days the amount of Lajna members were so few that ladies and children gathered at different homes and bring a dish each to share. As no Missionary or Murabi was appointed here at the time, Dr Ejaz ul Haq was the president of the Ahmadiyya Muslim community and provided much needed guidance to the ladies of the jamaat along with his wife Mrs Faheema Haq.

Alhamdolillah in 1982 the land for Masjid Bait ul Huda was purchased and the women were mainly responsible for providing meals and refreshments for all those who were volunteering. Under the auspicious guidance of Hazrat Mirza Tahir Ahmad on his visit to Australia in 1983 Lajna Imaillah was formally established. Mrs Bushra Usman was elected as the first President and organised Ijlaas to be held. The first Jalsa Salana was also held and due to a lack of proper facilities, Lajna played a major role by looking after their families in tents and under taking their responsibilities. Lajna members actively helped in the building of the mosque in general and specifically the dome, working with fibre glass material and learning new skills. Mrs Naeema Shakeel, the wife of the first Missionary and Ameer Incharge was the driving force behind this responsibility and worked tirelessly all day.

Over the years many more families began to arrive and the membership of Lajna Imaillah grew. Later Mrs Jamila Nisha Dean served as the president of Lajna Imaillah with much dedication and enthusiasm. Then Mrs Mansoora Khalid, Mrs Rehana Khan, Mrs Amtaul Malik Najm and Mrs Tamseela Saleh served as the presidents with even greater responsibility and affection. Under the guidance of Mrs Amatul Najm Malik, Lajna Imaillah was organised much more formally and the growing Lajna members had the great honour of taking part in many honourable fund raising activities. Including funds for the building of a guest house in Qadian largely with funds raised through their Annual Exhibition.