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(Tehrik e jadid year begins on 1st of November and ends on 31st of October)

Aims of Tehrik-e-Jadid

· To facilitate the spread of Islam
· To establish and maintain Jamaats outside Pakistan
. To build new mosques and centers
· To print and distribute new literature
· For the payment of salaries to missionaries
· To promote goodwill among members

Goals for the Department

· Aim for 100% participation. Therefore all Lajna, Nasirats and children under 7 (nanna mujahid/nanni mujahida) and on behalf of Marhumeen should be encouraged to make pledge and contribution to this scheme
· Reports should be submitted quarterly from each Majlis Secretary Tehrik-e-Jadid

Methods to Achieve Goals

. Awareness should be made available to all majalis members. Please make effort in your meetings for 5 to 10 minutes to read out articles from Huzur’s Friday Sermons and material from Jamaat books
· Awareness must also be raised amongst parents of newly born children to be included in the blessed scheme
· If a Lajna member’s Tehrik-e-Jadid contribution is paid by her husband directly to the Jama’at Secretary, Lajna member should inform Lajna’s Tehrik-e-Jadid secretary of the amounts paid for her, nasirat and/or under seven children.
· Ashra Tehrik-e-Jadid should be done quarterly; the purpose is to create awareness amongst members
· National Sect. Tehrik-e-Jadid will share relevant material which should be shared with members
· All Majalis should hold Tehrik-e-Jadid month on February of every year, the purpose of this month is to raise awareness of the blessed scheme and to make sure we are passing on the information effectively. Please provide thorough report of this program