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“Pure hearted people are slowly and gradually entering the fold of Ahmadiyyat”.

(Friday Sermon April 20th, 2018)

Advice for New Converts By Promised Messiah

  • Indeed, have an in-depth understanding of virtue and piety and to practice it.

  • Avoid sin as one avoids blood-thirsty beasts.

  • Believes in God and Avoid shirk (associating partners with Allah).

  • we should keep away from falsehood. 

  • keep away from fornication

The basic and significant advice that the Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) gave to those who took his Bai’at was to bring about a pure change in self, to inculcate a relationship with God and to try and attain high morals. He states at one place:

‘The purpose of their joining the Movement and establishing with me a relationship like that of a disciple is that they should achieve a high degree of piety and righteousness. No wrongdoing or mischief should ever come near them. They should offer the five daily Prayers regularly and with congregation, and should not lie nor hurt anyone by their tongues. They should not be guilty of any kind of vice and should not let even a thought of mischief, wrongdoing or transgression pass through their minds. They should shun every type of sin, offence, undesirable speech and action, as well as all egoistic passions and unruly behaviour. They should become pure-hearted, harmless and meek servants of God Almighty, and no poisonous germ should flourish in their beings.’ [Essence of Islam, Vol. IV, pp. 349 – 250]