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Reporting Guidelines to the General Secretary


Majlis Presidents must submit their reports by the 10th of the following month. For example, the November report must be submitted by the 10th of December

Majalis Presidents are to thoroughly check all reports prior to sending

Last section of Monthly Majlis Acitvities form (departmental reports) has to be very accurate and sent to the Regional General Secretary on monthly basis so record can be maintained

Photographs should not be attached to reports. If Regions or Majalis would like to submit photographs, you may send photographs of the event to the Ishaat Department to be published in the magazine or posted on the relevant electronic media. Please ensure the photos do not consist of close up of Lajna members- such photos will not be uploaded.

When saving your files, and the subject line of emails should clearly state which Majlis, which month and which report is being sent. For example: Majlis Marsden Park Tarbiyyati Report Nov17

General Secretary does not need each departmental report- rather a copy of each report should be sent to Regional General Secretary

Majlis activities form is the only report sent to National General Secretary. Please ensure that you complete the form properly, and include all information. Majlis Amila meeting minutes should be included with the Majlis activities form and saved as one file.

The detailed summary explain the work carried out by each department is not required by the general secretary


Regional General Secretaries are required to submit quarterly by the 20th of December, March, June & September

The Majalis reports should be thoroughly checked

The last section of Monthly Majalis reports (departmental reporting) is for Regional General Secretary. She should summarize this data quarterly in Regional reporting form

Only the regional report form is required and should be send to National General Secretary and there is no need to provide a summary of each departmental work to National General Secretary. However, record should be kept as to which reports the Majalis submitted so that checking can occur easily when required.

When sending and saving your reports- please use the following naming system: Regional Report Bait ul Huda Nov17