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The history of Lajna Ima’illah Tasmania starts with the wish of Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad Khilaftul Masih the Vaba. In 2006, our beloved Hazoor, Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad Khilaftul Masih the Vabavisited Australia and during the visit, Hazoor expressed the wish that there should be our Jama’at present in Tasmania.

To fulfill Hazoor’s wish, three Khuddam moved to Tasmania from Brisbane (QLD) with the permission of Amir Jama’at Australia Late Mahmood Ahmad Shahid Bengali sahib to establish the Jama’at in December 2008.

First Lajna member, Mrs. Amtul Raqeeb Rana moved in January 2009, and Mrs. Zubda Noor-Ul-Ain Mehmood moved in June 2009 as the part of founding members of Jama’at Tasmania. Mrs. Uzma Aamir in June 2010 and Mrs. Syeda QuratUlAin Shahid in August 2010 moved to Tasmania.

Lajna Imma’illah Tasmania started work as a Jama’at with the permission of Markaz (Australia) in August 2010. Mrs. Amtul Raqeeb Rana was nominated as first Lajna President, in October 2012. Alhamdolillah, Jama’at Tasmania is actively participating in all Jama’at activities under her guidance and president ship. First ever Lajna Ijtema was held in September 2013.

Lajna Imma’illah gets the opportunity to introduce the true Islamic teachings in the community; for example, an introduction about Islam Ahmadiyyat published in a local gazette, around 20,000 copies were published.

Nasirat Organization started in 2014, as Ms. Amtul Bari turned seven. Until now, there are Five Lajna and One Nasira in our Jama’at. The fifth member Mrs. Siddiqa Begum has moved into our Jama’at from Sydney in 2014.

We pray to Allah the Almighty that may our Jama’at flourish and succeed and Allah protect and bless the members, so they can play their role in upholding the flag of Islam Ahmadiyyat in this corner of the world (Aameen).